Voicebot: how does it work?

Virtual assistants have become a crucial component of our everyday existence. From setting alarms to ordering groceries, these voice-controlled devices can handle a multitude of tasks with ease. But have you ever wondered how these voice assistants, also known as Voicebots, work? In this article, you will discover how the Voicebot works.

Wake Word Detection

To launch a Voicebot and have enough information about her explanation, the user must start by saying a specific phrase called a wake. This action will prompt the Voicebot to start listening for user commands. The most commonly recognized wake words were "Alexa" for Amazon's Voicebot, "Hey Siri" for Apple's Voicebot, and "Okay Google" for Google's Voicebot. 
After detecting the wake word, the Voicebot starts recording the user's voice, which is then sent to the cloud for processing. This step is crucial to ensure that user commands are correctly recognized and executed by the Voicebot. By following this simple process, users can effectively interact with their voice robots and use their features and functionality to make their lives easier.

Speech Recognition

The Voicebot process involves two essential steps, the first being speech recognition, followed by natural language processing (NLP). In the speech recognition step, the Voicebot utilizes NLP to convert the user's spoken words into text. The NLP process involves breaking down the spoken words into individual phonemes, which are the smallest sound units in a language. 
Algorithms are then used to match these phonemes to words in the voicebot's database, resulting in a complete textual representation of spoken words. Subsequently, the Voicebot analyses the text to identify the action desired by the user. Although NLP is a complex process, it is a crucial part of the Voicebot process. NLP allows the Voicebot to accurately understand and interpret the words spoken by the user.

Natural Language Understanding

Natural language understanding (NLU) also takes into account the context of the conversation and all previous interactions with the user to provide more personalized. With advances in AI and machine learning, NLU has become more sophisticated and accurate. It enables voice bots to understand and respond to a wide range of user queries and requests. This technology has significantly improved the user experience.
It has made voice robots more convenient for everyday use, from ordering errands to controlling smart home devices. Ultimately, NLU is a crucial component of any Voicebot system, as it allows the device to understand and respond to user needs in a natural. For example, if a user says "Play some music", the Voicebot uses NLU to understand that the user wants to listen to music. Then the same NLU will select a playlist or song based on user preference.

Action Execution

In the voicebot process, the last step is to perform the action based on the user's intent. After determining the user's request, the Voicebot selects the appropriate action, such as playing music, setting reminders, or turning off the lights. To perform this action, the Voicebot sends a command to the device or service concerned. 
For example, if the user asks to turn off the lights, the Voicebot sends a command to the smart home device responsible for the lights. Executing the command triggers the action and terminates the Voicebot function. Thus, the last step of the Voicebot process is essential, as it ensures the success of the user's request by performing the appropriate action.

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