Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the world. It is quite large and densely populated. But, why is Mexico such an interesting country to visit? With this article we will give you the best reasons why travelling to Mexico is a good idea.

Mexican culture and traditions 

Mexico is a very rich country in terms of culture and history. It is important to point out that before setting foot in this country for tourism, there is a Tourist tax Mexico which is a tax for all visitors that must be paid. Mexico is the birthplace of many civilizations such as the Toltecs, Olmecs, Aztecs, Mayans, etc. It also has many traces and traditions that are still alive. "El dia de los muertos" is undoubtedly the most popular and important of these traditions. During the Day of the Dead, the Mexican population pays tribute to their dead. The inhabitants also erect mortuary altars, make offerings or organise night walks.

Mexican cuisine 

Mexican cuisine is famous all over the world. It is simply delicious! It is true that this cuisine is fatty, but this does not prevent it from being very good and varied. By the way, Mexican cuisine is mainly based on corn, tomato, beans and avocado. When visiting Mexico, you will have the chance to taste tacos, fajitas, pork rinds, enchiladas, barbecues, ceviches, Mexican sauce, etc. 

The atmosphere in Mexico 

Mexico is simply a country that lives! Everything in Mexico is joyful, colourful and very festive. During your stay in Mexico, you will surely have the opportunity to listen to Mariachi bands on the terrace of a restaurant. You will also have the opportunity to hum along on a bus or even stroll through a typical market. This is the atmosphere in Mexico! Mexicans are really welcoming, warm, open and always have good excuses to have fun.