The evolution of the world and the morals has allowed the birth of many new phenomena among young people in particular.

Social networks have become the playground of many people today, especially young people who spend most of their time there. And there is a reason for this. Social networks are often the place where most of the time new trends are born. And even if it is not the case, they are used to share them and make them go viral.

The topless

One of the advantages of social networks is that everyone is free to use it as he wants. This freedom has allowed us to see a new kind of photos very popular with young people and even some of the biggest stars. The topless, is this practice that consists of being topless or slightly hidden with a piece of clothing or simply with the hand. Topless as to say bare-chested, this practice is part of the culture of several ethnic groups as in Namibia for example. If it was present for a long time at the edge of the beaches, it has somewhat disappeared. Since a few years, it has come back in fashion and has quickly become a real trend.

The topless, a way to feel good about yourself

Once practiced for pleasure, toplessness seems to have become a means of communication especially for women. Some see it simply as a way to express their well-being and their love for their body. For others it is a working tool. For models, this kind of sexy, provocative photos is most often chosen for the promotion of products often cosmetics and many others.

Like the big stars who do not hesitate to show their breasts to promote products or simply to show their self-confidence. Because for many of them, topless is to show a great self-confidence. And there is what especially in this society or the critical glances never miss.