We thought it was defeated, but racism is still present in our societies. Much more so than in the past perhaps. It is still a pity that in the 21st century, many individuals are still victims of racial discrimination. In a world that we want to be united and supportive. The most striking facts are those which took place in the United States with the death of several Black Americans in a tragic way under the background of racism. We still remember George Floyd, the American who was killed by white police officers out of pure racism. He is not the only one to be a victim of what is becoming the gangrene of our society.

The United States, racism in the first degree

If in the past the United States was mentioned because of its economic power or its influence in the world, today it is mostly talked about because of the blunders it is subjected to.

Indeed, one almost has the impression that the United States has become the cradle of racism, so much so that skids are constantly occurring, and most often on the part of police officers. Recently Nicole Bacharan, historian and specialist in American society, declared that "what we see today in the United States is nothing more than the fruit of slavery".

It's not just the United States ....

Racism is not only seen in the United States. Like a virus, it has spread all over the world. In Italy, it is none other than the footballer Mario Balotelli who was victim of monkey cries in the middle of a match. He is not the only one and the problem does not only affect people of color. It has become a real plague and no field is spared. Whether in sports, at work or even in everyday life, racism seems to be omnipresent today.