New York is one of the 10 largest cities in the world. It is home to a very large number of people and economic and industrial activities, resulting in a high level of pollution.

What is pollution?

Pollution is the destruction of the ecosystem by the introduction of entities or radiation that alter the functioning of the ecosystem.

Sources of pollution

It is due to a high level of ozone. Ozone is a pollutant gas created in the atmosphere from precursor pollutants that react to sunlight. NY City has been declared "nonattainment" due to its pollution levels. Containment measures adopted to survive the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in a 25% reduction in pollution in NY, but the pollution rate remains high.

Indeed, buildings are responsible for 40% of carbon emissions. Being glass facades glittering in the sun, they induce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. According to some studies, about 3000 deaths and 2000 hospitalizations are registered due to pollution; 3200 deaths have already been registered for the year 2021 due to pollution.

Consequences of pollution

Consequences of pollution

It is revealed to us that 10% of hospital visits for asthma are the consequences of ozone pollution. We also note a multiplication of cancer cases, the recrudescence of coronary diseases. Men are not the only ones affected by air pollution. It also affects plants, animals and buildings. Following episodes of ozone pollution, we notice an appearance of spots on the leaves of the tree; a prolonged exposure can lead to the slowing down of the growth and a weakening of the organisms.

Air pollution also affects the fauna thus we witness the decline of certain pollinating populations, difficulties of certain species to reproduce or to feed. It modifies the physiology of the organisms, the anatomy and the characteristics of the biotope of the populations of the environment.

It is therefore important to protect oneself against air pollution.  To do so, it is necessary to regularly inform oneself of pollution peaks in order to prepare oneself accordingly, to travel by public transport or to adopt a means of travel that pollutes the least; it is also necessary to practice sports in the open air, i.e. far from the city, to air one's interior, to consume antioxidants in order to boost one's immune defenses.