The most beloved devil of all time is back on Netflix for the second part of the series' Season 5.

Back for Season 5B

Originally announced for 16 episodes, only 8 episodes of the famous series were released on the platform. The remaining 8 episodes were put on the account of an upcoming Part B. The many fans of the series have waited a long time to finally see the last 8 episodes of the series.

Netflix finally gives a sequel to all fans of our dear Lucifer. Thus the streaming platform has recently announced that the second part of the series will be broadcast on the platform from May 28 at 09: 01 .

In the said season, light will be shed on the difference in posture between Lucifer and his twin brother Michael. So Michael will be the center of attention in this second part. The return of Eve has also been announced for this sequel. But the question is how will she return? Will the conflict between Maze and Eve continue?

There are too many questions in our minds, among which are these

Will the relationship between Lucifer and his father remain unchanged? Perhaps the appearance of God for the first time in the series will give us some clarity.

We're all anxious to know why Lucifer isn't openly declaring his feelings for Lieutenant Chloe despite this big break in their relationship.

Will Lt. Dan get a break after all he's been through lately or will God come in to play a role in Dan's affair with Charlotte who turns out to be God's beloved?

Of course, we can't raise all the questions that most fans of the series have, but we've certainly raised a lot of them