The United States of America is considered as the lungs of the fashion industry. Indeed the majority of the great brands are born in America

What is fashion?

Fashion is a way of doing things, a way of imposing oneself, of asserting one's personality. But when we talk about fashion, we think directly of clothing style.

Origin of the American fashion

The style of dress in America has always been a reflection of its history, its culture and its economy. Indeed, a great importance is given to the image within the American culture. Thus, it is believed that appearance reflects a person's affluence and status.

How is a fashionable dress born?

The appearance of a new fashion depends on the power of those who create new clothes, fabrics, raw materials and other. Fashion can also be born without any particular reason. This is the same way it disappears.

How did American fashion evolve?

Today, American fashion fills cities around the world. This style of clothing is generally referred to as casual. At its inception, jeans were only worn by the American population, but this garment has spread all over the world to the point where jeans have become the outfit of choice.  Also, at the beginning, the sneakers were intended only for sportsmen but nowadays they dress the feet of all category of people in the whole world. The diversity of American fashion also allows everyone to choose clothes that suit their personality.

What is the impact of fashion on the environment?

The relationship seems non-existent but the relationship between environment and fashion is very close. Indeed, the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world. To make clothes, industries use raw materials. These industries produce large quantities which induce large consumption. But soon the world population will exceed 9 billion inhabitants; if this level of consumption is maintained, we will simply run out of raw materials to make the clothes we like to wear.